Adanna Literary Journal

Why Adanna?

Adanna, a name of Nigerian origin, pronounced a-DAN-a, is defined as “her father’s daughter.”  This literary journal is titled Adanna because women over the centuries have been defined by men in politics, through marriage, and, most importantly, by the men who fathered them. Today women are still bound by complex roles in society, often needing to wear more than one hat or sacrifice one role so another may flourish.

While this journal is dedicated to women, it is not exclusive, and it welcomes our counterparts and their thoughts about women today. Submissions to Adanna must reflect women’s issues or topics, celebrate womanhood, and shout out in passion.  To learn more about Adanna, visit a Review by Bethany Zohner, "New Pages."  Adanna listed with Michael R. Burch's The HyperTexts.

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ADANNA'S annual print series, Issue 4 (a list of our contributors below)

Front Cover Artwork
Rachel Burgess

Back Cover Artwork
Jill Greenberg

Marci Ameluxen
Nancy Austin
Onnyx Bei
Wandajune Bishop-Towle
April Michelle Bratten
Lesley Brower
Sherry Chandler
Ann Clark
H.V. Cramond
Suzannah Dalzell
Jessica Evans
Irene Fick
Laura Freedgood
Shanelle Galloway
Gail Fishman Gerwin
A.J. Huffman
Kelly Ann Jacobson
Maureen Kingston
Adeline Carrie Koscher
Joanna Kurowska
Kristin La Tour
Yvonne Higgins Leach
Lyn Lifshin
Lynne McEniry
Rosemary McGee
Jean P. Moore
Patrice Pinette
Heidi M. Sheridan
Evelyn A. So
J.J. Steinfeld
Emily Strauss
Maxine Susman
John J. Trause
Mary Winegarden
Laura Winters

Dawn A. Fuller
Amanda R. Howland
Patricia Striar Rohner
Terry Sanville
Barbara Siman
Lois Greene Stone
Maggie Veness

Barbara Ashwood

Nancy Gerber
Annie Lampman

Antoinette Libro
Lynne McEniry
Mary Ann Buddenberg Miller
Laura Winters

The Adanna Literary Journal is a privately funded press.  We thank all of our contributers and readers who help support Adanna as both subscribers and entrants to our contests.