NEWS FLASH:  Congratulations to Adanna editor and contributor Deborah Gerrish!  Her collection of poetry,  "Light in Light"published August 2017 can be found on Amazon Light in Light.

NEWS FLASH:  Congratulations to Adanna contributor Dawn A. Fuller.  Her novella, "A Dollar a Piece" was recently published August 21, 2017!  To buy or see more Amazon.

NEWS FLASH:  Congratulations to Adanna contributor Irene Fick!  Her poem, “Asunder,” published in 2015 (Issue #5) in Adanna, received a second place national award.  In April 2015 it received the first place state award from the Delaware Press Association.  This award is from the National Federation of Press Women.

NEWS FLASH:  Carol Smallwood (past contributor) and Christine Redman-Waldeyer's poetry appears in the July 2014 Contemporary American Voices a journal of poetry.NEWS FLASH:  Lynne McEniry and Christine Redman-Waldeyer covered the Special Olympics 2014 USA GAMES New Jersey for EP Magazine or Exceptional Parent "The Special Needs Resource."  Their article "A Healthy Vision" appeared in EP's June issue  "The Joy of High Fives" appeared in the July issue.

NEWS FLASH:  Past Contributor Yelizaveta P. Renfro's new book, Xylotheque, is out from
University of New Mexico Press.  The book of nine essays is a work of "memoir and nature writing...that represent different seasons and slices of time, not unlike the rings of a tree."  Yelizaveta's essay included in the book, "Mulberry" first appeared in Adanna's, Issue #1.

NEWS FLASH:  Past Contributor Nancy Gerber's new
book, Fire and Ice, is out from Arseya Publishing.  In an interweaving of poetry and prose, the collection explores the tensions between a mother and daughter, the confusion of adolescence, and the pangs and pride of watching a child grow up and leave home.  It’s available through Amazon

NEWS FLASH:  Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ann Miller, Editor for St. Peter's B-list:  Contemporary Poems
Inspired by the Saints, Ave Maria Press.  Featuring poems Dana Gioia, Mary Karr, Paul Mariani, and Kate Daniels, as well as many new and emerging poets, this anthology invites readers to view the saints as they've never imagined them, reaching for the sacred, doubting, bumbling, and then trying again.  The collection features wide-ranging poems on ordinary topics, such as a mother trying to get her newborn to fall asleep, an older brother concerned about the marriage of his sister, a lonely man trying to meet a woman in a bar, and a burn victim's compassion for a small child.  Neither devotional nor pious, these poems capture how, in unexpected ways, the saints illuminate daily life for everyday saints-in-the-making and engage readers in the important struggle to see the action of God in their lives.  Available at Amazon.

NEWS FLASH:  CSE Summer Institute for Writers and Artists: 
June 29th - July 2nd.  Featured Writer, Mark Doty! Please join us for workshops, craft talks, readings, and more.  A track for writers, a track for visual artists, and opportunities for both tracks to create together! Register today, and invite a friend to do the same:

NEWS FLASH:  Past editor Diane Lockward's book,
The Crafty Poet:  A Portable Workshop, is out from Wind Publications. The book "includes model poems and prompts, writing tips, and interviews from 56 poets including 13 former and current state Poets Laureate."  Available through  Amazon.

NEWS FLASH:  Past contributor Alyse Knorr's first book,
Annotated Glass, is out from Furniture Press Books.  Annotated Glass is a novel-in-verse that explores the intersections of grief, religion, and the lesbian lyric erotic, set against the backdrop of the deep American South.  Order at

NEWS FLASH:  Congratulations to Adanna contributor
Greg McBride whose poetry manuscript has won the 2011 Liam Rector First Book Prize with Briery Creek Press. The book is scheduled for publication in spring 2012.

NEWS FLASH:  Adanna congratulates
Ingrid Wendt who has just received a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission to support a 15-venue book tour to promote her new book, Evensong, forthcoming from Truman State University Press. Ingrid's poem, "October Meditation, " will appear in our first issue.NEWS FLASH: We've just learned that Sarah Busse has received a Pushcart Prize for her poem "Silhouettes," which first appeared in Think. Her poem will appear in the 2012 edition of The Pushcart Prize: The Best of the Small Presses. Sarah's poem, "The Second Dream," will appear in the first issue of Adanna.NEWS FLASH:  We are so proud to have Robin Lim as a contributor for the first issue of Adanna. Her poem, "Janet's Son Has Died," will join many other outstanding works. Robin, also known as Ibu Robin, lives in Indonesia where she is a midwife, or "baby catcher." She has done great service to improve birthing conditions for women. In fact, her service has been so impressive and so valuable that she has been named a CNN Hero for 2011, and an award-winning documentary film has been made about her work. We're sure you'll agree that Robin is an amazing woman.